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Chihuahua 101

I will admit, I’m pretty picky about the type of Chihuahua that I like. When they have a really small, deer like head and huge buggy eyes, they sometimes creep me out. But last night after my hot yoga class I met a tiny little thing with rottweiler coloring and the spunkiest little personality, and I fell in love. Her name was Piper and she sat on my car keys so I wouldn’t leave, and stole my sock so I couldn’t put my shoes on. From the second I saw her my heart was in a puddle on the floor and she had me wrapped around her paw.

I looked up more about the Chihuahua because I was curious how much variation exists within this breed, and it turns out there is a lot. The chihuahua in general is a very loyal animal, usually best to one owner though, and has the biggest brain to head ratio of any dog, which is pretty awesome. Their ears help keep them warm because they are prone to getting cold (because they’re so dang TINY), though they are pretty unaware of their bodies and think that they’re more ferocious than they actually are. Piper proved that by growling at my keys when I was trying to leave. I don’t think I could ever own one of these dogs because they don’t really love being around kids or families, but I do really like them now after meeting little Piper. I’ll probably get an I LOVE MY CHIHUAHUA bumper sticker regardless…

Alessia xx

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