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Cheap Nylon Dog Collars

nylon dog collars
Written by Reena Bakir

Dog collars don’t need to be pricey to be stylish and durable! If you are looking for a durable and tough dog collar that won’t cost too much money, then nylon dog collars are your perfect choice! Due to their material, these dog collars have the perks of being hard-wearing while also being nice to your wallets!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a selection of dog collars of many designs, styles and prices to fit your and your dog’s needs! Take a look at the full collection at our store, and choose the perfect collar to fit your pooch!

Here’s a list of some of our favourite low-cost nylon dog collars!

FuzzYard Rad Dog Collar

cheap dog collars

This rad FuzzYard collar allows your dog to walk in style with its cool and unique design featuring a charcoal base with pink, orange and green triangles! With its thick nylon webbing and neoprene, this collar is as tough as it looks! The collar also comes in three different sizes to fit all dogs!

Nylon Pink Puppy Collar and Lead Set by Hem and Boo

nylon puppy collarsThis adorable pink collar and lead set from Hem and Boo is perfect for any pampered pup! The collar and lead set features a soft but strong nylon webbing with strong fixtures, a sturdy D ring and solid trigger hook to make it as durable as possible! The collar and lead come in one adjustable size and is most suitable for puppies and smaller dogs!

Doodlebone Bold Nylon Adjustable Dog Collar Cyan Blue

nylon dog collars cheapThe Doodlebone bold nylon collar in a striking cyan blue offers your dog comfort and luxury by being fully adjustable to any dog size! Made from tough nylon material and machine-stitched, the collar is designed for additional strength to help control and walk your dog. This collar also makes the perfect first collar for a puppy due to its durability and strength!

Classic Grey Dog Collar

cheap grey dog collar

This stylish dog collar in grey is a timeless classic! The high-quality piece is made from a beautiful soft-finish grey nylon and PU leather for a smart and sophisticated look! The collar’s material is not only incredibly durable and can withstand wear, but is also easy to clean, making it the perfect collar for your dog!

Light Blue Comfort Collection Padded Dog Collar

cheap dog collars uk

This adorable comfort padded dog collar in light blue from Long Paws is extremely strong and resilient! With its soft neoprene lining and strong padding, the collar is built to provide optimum comfort to your dog. The padding is also beneficial in the cases of intensive pullers or boisterous puppies who can’t sit still, as well as lighthearted walkers, making it the perfect choice for any type of dog!

Looking for more?

Still looking for more adorable collars to gift to your special canine friend? Take a look at our entire collection of dog collars and leads and choose the one that fits your fancy the most!

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Reena Bakir is a passionate student, writer and animal lover who is a regular contributor to Chelsea Dogs.