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Breed spotlight on: Doberman

Written by Bronwyn Hall

The courageous Doberman hails from Germany where he was bred as a guard dog.

His athletic stature and glossy coat give him a regal appearance whereas his smart, loyal and active personality make him a wonderful working dog.


Although the Doberman can have the reputation for being big and scary, they are usually gentle dogs with a naturally watchful nature. Generally fearless and extremely protective of their owners, they make great family dogs. However, this gentle giant isn’t for everyone due to their size (between 60-80lbs) and their energetic nature.


It’s not just physically that this breed demands a lot of attention; it’s mentally too. This smart pup needs to be mentally stimulated to prevent him from becoming bored and destructive. It’s advised that the Doberman is trained and socialised from a young age and has an experienced owner.



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