A Boy With Autism and His Service Dog Chester

Written by Alessia

Max, a little boy diagnosed with autism, has been thriving since the arrival of his new service dog Chester. Chester came from Talent Hounds, a company that trains service dogs for various reasons, including supporting individuals with autism or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Chester lives with Max and his family now, and Max’s mother speaks for a while about the positive changes that have taken place due to his being a part of the family. Dogs are amazing animals with so much intuition and emotional range. When we feel sad, our dogs know and make sure to be there for us, just as when we’re happy they are happy and want to play and run around with us. Companies like Talent Hound are so important because they hone on the skills that dog possess and train them to help humans. I think it’s so great.

Alessia xx

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