Bored and Uninterested Dog

Written by Alessia

Are you ever speaking to someone who is telling the world’s longest story and you just want to say (or do say!) “blah blah blah, alright just get on with the story already”. Basically, this bored and uninterested dog feels the same exact way. His human, or his pooch friend next to him must be telling one heck of a boring tale, because he is just blah, blah, blah-ing away. He’s not interested in what’s being said and he wants everyone to know how he feels. I seriously laughed out loud, this dog is amazing. Watch him say “blah blah” like a human for thirty five glorious seconds.

Alessia xx

About the author


I'm Alessia, owner of a rottweiler/beagle mix named Lucas (aka Lucifer - you can put two and two together on why he gets that nickname). I love all things dogs and puppies, among many other things such as babies, coffee, and nail polish. I like to write a lot and take loads of pictures, so blogging is right up my alley. Look out for posts by me on this blog, as well as my personal blog.