Biggie’s River Rescue

by Alessia

This Hope for Paws video is the story of Biggie’s river rescue, in which he has to be hoisted over a large fence from inside an empty river in a cage. More amazing to me than the actual rescue (which is definitely amazing), was halfway through when Eldad finally gets Biggie to trust him and lets him pet his head. I lost it. In all of these videos, the part that makes me the most emotional is when the dog finally trusts Eldad and lets him love them. These dogs that need to be rescued, no matter what their temperament, ailment, or situation may be, just really want to be loved underneath it all. When they realize that Eldad is there to help them, it’s a beautiful thing watching their emotions unfold and see them finally come to relax and rest. I always stress the importance of these rescue organizations whenever I post these videos, but I feel like I can never say it enough how much I value these people. What they do is truly amazing.

Alessia xx

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