Bethany’s Rescue

Written by Alessia

I watched another Hope for Paws video this weekend, this one about a dog that was named Bethany after Hope for Paws got a hold of her. She was homeless, very sick with bacterial infections and mange, had swollen paws that made it nearly impossible for her to stand up. She made progress over the course of a month or so, and was more than ready at that point to find her forever home. I don’t know if she’s been adopted yet (this video was posted in May), but Hope for Paws has tons of dogs that have been rescued and are looking for their new family. Like the other videos of theirs that I’ve posted, a dog gets a second chance at life and spending it with a loving family because of what the organization does. These types of organizations are all over the world, and the dogs that they rescue and nurse back to health are ready to unconditionally love a person or a family that might need them just as much. I love these videos, they’re just so inspiring and make me think about where the next dog I adopt will come from.

Alessia xx

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