Best Summer Accessories For Your Dog

by Reena Bakir
summer accessories for your dog

The sun is out and the temperatures are high! Summer is finally here and your dog is ready to bask in a sunny park or catch some waves by the beach!

Why not give your pup the best summer experience with a range of unique and luxurious summer accessories that are bound to make all heads turn their way!

From collars leads, and bandanas to cooling mats and travel beds, we at Chelsea Dogs have everything your dog needs to have a fabulous and fun time in the sun.

Here’s a few of our top picks!

Anchors Away Dog Bandana

summer accessories for dogs

Aye Aye Captain! This Anchors Away dog bandana is perfect for a little sailor pup that loves being by the sea. The bandana features a blue and white stripe design with a red anchor print, and is handmade from 100% cotton. It’s available in four different sizes, and can easily be tied around your dog’s neck to a perfect fit.

Hiro and Wolf Valour Dog Collar

summer accessories dogs

Nothing says summer like bright and funky colours! This Hiro and Wolf Valour collar is part of their Ghana collection, and is hand-printed on African wax fabric and thick vegetable tanned leather. The collar is durable and long-lasting, featuring high quality buckles and rivets. Pair this fabulous collar with its matching lead, and make your hound look like the coolest in the park!

FuzzYard Tucson Step-In Dog Harness

summer accessories for dogs

Make your pup the sharpest looking pooch this summer! With vibrant yellow, blue and yellow colours, this harness exudes the hot ambiance of summer. The lightweight and comfortable fabric is perfect for hot weather. The form of this step-in harness is made precisely for dogs who don’t like things put over their heads. Easy to get into, simply unclip the buckle and undo the velcro and allow your dog to step into it before buckling it again around your dog’s body.

Scruffs Dog Cooling Bed

scruffs cooling bed dog summer accessories

Your collection of summer accessories is never complete without a cooling bed to keep your pet feeling chill. This Scruffs Cool Bed is designed to bring relief to your pet. Filled with a non-toxic gel and constructed with recycled green fibre fill, the bed is 5-10 degrees below room temperature, and will maintain its cooling properties for an hour at a time during use.

The Dog Walker Bag

summer accessories dog walking

There’s nothing worse than being out in this heat without a handy bottle of water. This Dog Walker bag by Travel Wags is just what you need when going out on a warm summer stroll. Perfect for carrying all your doggy essentials, the bag also comes with an ergonomically designed water bottle and collapsible bowl. It also features 1 pack of biodegradable poo bags to make cleaning after your pup quick and easy.

Don’t Miss Out!

There’s a wide range of luxurious summer accessories for dogs available at our store, so make sure you don’t miss out on these fabulous additions that are bound to make your pup’s summer!

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