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Best Puppy Beds 2013

Written by Chelsea Dogs

As we approach the end of the year, we thought it’s the perfect time to round up the best puppy beds 2013. This does not necessarily mean our best sellers of the year; we also look at quality, style and comfort.

One of our key factors that we advise our customer on when choosing a bed for their new puppy is to consider the puppy’s needs first. We find that puppies much prefer puppy beds that have high walls, making them feel safe and secure. Many new puppy owners like to crate train their puppy which we strongly approve of. Since the crate provides the safe place for the puppy, it is not necessary to buy a high-walled puppy bed to put inside the crate, you should focus more on making the area suitable for sleeping and provide an area to stretch out and fit a water bowl. A simple crate liner is ideal and we have many different crate liners for puppies including some waterproof ones which are extremely durable and easy to clean. These are perfect for any accidents or water spills and you can make one side of the crate liner suitable for a snooze by adding a comfy puppy blanket. This crate set up will allow your puppy to rest and play in comfort. Please make sure you do not leave any toys that your puppy could choke on in the crate. Only leave soft toys or activity toys.

So, let’s get on with our list of the best puppy beds 2013.

First up we have the Superior Fleece Drop Front Oval Dog Beds by Pets and Leisure. These puppy beds are available in cream fleece with black paw prints and plain brown fleece.

Brown Fleece Best Puppy Bed Fleece Puppy Bed Cream Paw Prints

Staying with our fleece theme, next we have the Waggles Super Soft Dog Beds which feature a distressed leather outer texture and and soft and snuggly Sherpa fleece inner. Available in 4 different sizes to suit most breeds.
Waggles Snuggle Dog Beds by Danish Design
Next is the My First Bed puppy bed which has a host of special features. For ease of washing, the Sherpa Fleece cover is fully removable. The unique comfort ring will give an added feeling of security and as the puppy grows larger, it can be removed to increase the bed area. The inner cushion base features a waterproof liner with a special pouch to take a heat pad (not included) for extra warmth and feeling of security.
Chelsea Dogs Luxury Pet Shop Danish Design My First Bed Puppy Bed Dog Bed with dog
Next we have one of our best selling puppy beds of the year. The Bobble Range Soft Pewter Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed is perfect for puppies and is brand new to our range for 2013. These puppy beds are also available in a polyester oatmeal colour.
bobble range soft pewter slumber dog bed Danish_Design_Bobble_Soft_Pewter_Deluxe_Slumber_Dog_BedNext is one of our favourite beds for puppies due to the high walls we mentioned at the beginning and these beds also have a stylish basket weave outer with a soft fleece inner which is absolutely perfect for all puppies! The Superior Basket Weave And Fleece Drop Front Oval Dog Beds are available in black and grey or mink and cream.
Basket Weave and Fleece Puppy Beds Black Basket Weave Puppy Bed with fleece mink

Finally we’ll show you a few of the crate liners we mentioned at the beginning of this article. First up is the Heavy Duty Waterproof Crate Liner which comes in a choice of seven lovely colours and is extremely practical for new puppies.
Heavy Duty Waterproof Crate Liner Dogs Black Heavy Duty Crate Liner For Dogs Blue

And finally we have the Rectangular Dog Crate Cushion Pads which are a versatile & practical pet bed with many applications. Covered in soft hard wearing Thermal Sherpa Fleece on both sides or heavy duty hard wearing Basket Weave Material and Sherpa Fleece on the other. There are seven different colour/texture combinations to choose from.
Puppy Crate Cushion Pads Dog Crate Cushion Pads Cream Paw Print Fleece

For more information on any of the products we have mentioned, simply click on any of the images. To view all our luxury puppy beds, please click here.


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