The best high-rise bowls for tall dogs

Written by Bronwyn Hall

Meal times can be the best part of a dogs day but when you’re 20+ inches off the ground, eating can be challenging.

Poor eating posture can cause after-meal vomiting, indigestion and bloating among others. Switching to a high-rise bowl can ease the neck and back strain that a dog encounters by having to reach down to the ground.

At Chelsea Dogs, we have an array of gorgeous high rise bowls that are sure to benefit your pooch and compliment your home too!

1. For something a little rustic, try the Acacia Designer wooden bowls.


These elegant, one of a kind bowls are absolutely gorgeous and available in three sizes. On top of that, they are made of plantation-grown Acacia wood; so your dog can eat his greens and be green!

2. The Chartres Designer dog bowls are for the regal pooch in your life.


Subtly raised, they aren’t ideal for your Doberman but will be a beneficial and beautiful bowl for your medium sized dog.

3. Perfect for the Doberman, however, are these Nickel Designer dog bowls.


These contemporary, porcelain bowls are plated with nickel to add a modern feel. With three different sizes to choose from, they have almost every breed covered.

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