BecoThings: The eco-friendly dog brand

by Bronwyn Hall

Yesterday I listed my top pastel picks for the summer. Among them were these perfectly pastel dog balls by BecoThings:

Beco balls

Like all BecoThings, these Beco dog balls are natural, eco friendly and non-toxic. But there is more to Beco than meets the eye.

With their business steadily growing since 2009, Beco now cover four aspects of your pets life which they call ‘fetch’, ‘eat’, ‘poop’ and ‘sleep.’ Or in other words, toys, bowls, poop bags and pet beds!

BecoThings describe themselves as a ‘young, fast growing company focussed on creating fun products that are good for the environment without compromising on quality, price or aesthetics.’ In 2012 they launched the world’s first 100% natural Rice Husk Rubber toy range. Made from a revolutionary new rice husk rubber, the BecoToys are non-toxic, eco-friendly and completely safe. On top of that, all Beco toys are vanilla scented – yum!

Not only are their products kind to the environment and your four legged friend, they also look pretty good too!

We particularly like these fancy looking Becobones:


Perfect for a game of fetch or for hiding treats inside the hollow centre, they also come in small or large!

And if there was ever an aesthetically pleasing way to carry poop bags, the BecoPocket would be it:


Available in three colours, the unique design gets rid of the usual nuisance rattling that occurs with most poop bag holders. Instead, slide this innovative bungee system onto any lead, backpack, pram handle – you name it!

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