Aslan and Rose: A Syrian Boy Refugee Takes Nothing But His Dog

aslan and rose syrian boy refugee and his dog
Written by Chelsea Dogs

When fleeing war, most people take photos, precious keepsakes or family treasures – Aslan felt compelled to bring his pet dog Rose.

In footage posted by the UN High Commission for Refugees, the 17-year-old told how he had travelled 500km since leaving Syria’s capital Damascus.

He was told he would not be allowed to take little Rose across the Mediterranean but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and even made the dog her own passport for the journey.

Aslan and Rose: A Syrian Boy Refugee Journey With His Beloved Dog

Eventually, Aslan and his dog made it to Greece.

When asked why he had only a small bag for himself and yet was carrying a large pet carrier with the dog inside, he answered: “I love my dog.”

“I need him”.

aslan and rose syrian boy refugee and his dog

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