A New Dog Grooming Trend

Written by Alessia

There’s a new dog grooming trend popping up in China: the Panda Dog. While the level of cuteness is up for debate on my end, apparently a Chow Chow dyed to look like a panda is all the rage now. Pet shop owner Hsin Ch’en is having trouble keeping up with the number of customers looking for a dog like this:


Ch’en claims to have come up with the technique himself, stating that the method of grooming does not contain any harsh chemicals, but due to the nature of the grooming and all of the extra time that goes into the process, these dogs can get pretty pricey. However, it doesn’t seem to bother his customers who want a dog that is going to gain attention. This solution is not a permanent one though. It takes about two hours to groom the dogs in what Ch’en claims is a cruelty free manner (up for debate?) and the dye lasts for about six weeks. Owners will then come in for touch ups accordingly, though Ch’en has not revealed his technique for the initial grooming or the touch ups.


Seems like a lot of fuss to me and I’m not sure if I agree with him that it’s cruelty free. Putting a dog through two hours of unnecessary grooming just to make a few more bucks seems kind of cruel in my honest opinion. Let us know what you think.

Alessia xx

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