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2015: products to try

Written by Bronwyn Hall

Next year is just hours away (if you’re struggling to think of some New Years resolutions, look here) and although Christmas is firmly behind us, there are some products that might be worth your attention in 2015.

1. A memory foam dog bed

Although a memory foam dog bed can seem pointless – I mean a dog can sleep anywhere, right? – they can actually be incredibly helpful. The memory foam responds to your dogs temperature and weight, moulding itself around your dog’s shape. This can prove helpful for elderly dogs and dogs who require a little more support (think Dachshunds with their elongated spines).

2. Stagbar Antler dog chews

These chews are 100% natural and even suitable for puppies. When dogs chew things, feel-good chemicals are released from the brain. Chewing can leave them happy, busy and satisfied (particularly if they are teething)! These chews are safe and wear down slowly as the dog grinds them with their teeth. As they chew, tasty morsels will come away from the antler which will reveal the yummy marrow underneath!


3. Tribal natural dog treats

Swapping your dog’s treats and food for something natural and organic can do them the world of good. Dog treats by Tribal not only come in a yummy variety of flavors but are baked here in the UK and full of human grade ingredients! Try the cheese, carrot and sunflower seed flavor for a veterinary approved source of vitamin E.


4. A luxury dog tag

This coming year it will be made the law that your dog must be microchipped. However, it is also a great idea to pop an engraved tag on their collar. This will enable your dog to be returned to you a lot quicker if he happens to go missing. All dog tags at Chelsea Dogs come with free engraving – make sure you leave your name and an up-to-date number!

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Bronwyn Hall

Somebody once called me a fairy dogmother but most people call me a crazy dog lady.