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10 Hilariously Adorable Photos of Great Danes

Written by Alessia

If you need a little Thursday morning pick-me-up, these 10 hilariously adorable photos of Great Danes should probably do the trick. Great Danes may be big and lanky, but they are also insanely cute and have huge hearts to match their physical size. These ten Great Danes prove that and then some.

1. This Great Dane was caught in the act but doesn’t even care one little bit.dane8

2. It’s hard to tell where the Great Dane ends and Darth Vader begins.dane7

3. When life gives you frogs, you hang out.dane6

4. Wanna play?dane5

5. Quite possibly the most unamused dog there ever was.witchjoy

6. The thirst is real.dane4

7. Too pooped to even close his mouth. Being a adorable is exhausting.dane3-1024x1024

8. While his attempt should be admired, this is just hilarious in every way.dane2-2

9. He’s listening to his Rosetta Stone tapes to learn French. Come back later, would you?cute-dogs-068

10. And my personal favorite, this flexible fur ball doing couch yoga while simultaneously having a snack.dane1-1

I want to adopt a Great Dane now. I wonder if my parents will care?

Alessia xx

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