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10 dogs who are super excited it’s the weekend

Written by Bronwyn Hall

10 dogs who are super excited it’s the weekend!

1. This little guy who can hardly believe that the weekend is finally here. It’s like, he’s been waiting five whole days for it to be here and now it is. And he can’t believe it.










2. This curly lady who intends to spend all weekend at the park. In this swing. And she is currently wondering why you aren’t pushing her!


Modern Dog Magazine

3. This cutie pie who is so super excited that the weekend is here that he’s been smiling like this since 12am Friday.


Play Buzz

3. This regal lady who was offered a biscuit or the weekend and chose the weekend. Every. Single. Time.


Woof Woof Mama

4. This fluffy little guy who wants to bask in all the weekend has to offer.



5. This little chap who is equal parts excited and terrified. Nevertheless he is going to run into this weekend with all he has.

Cesars Way

Cesars Way

6. These buddies who love to chill on the weekend. Chase some stuff. Eat some treats. Take some selfies.


Meme Guy

7. This fluffy cloud of gorgeousness who got some fresh new socks and is going to wear them all weekend.  If that’s not exciting, then she doesn’t know what is!

dogs in socks

Pix Shark

8. This bearded chappie who only bothered showing up to the weekend for the ice cream.


EgoTV Online

9. This lovely lady who is really very confused as to why you’re not as excited about the weekend as dogs 1-8 are.

German Shepherd

Pix Shark

10. And finally, this young pup who is already thinking about the fun to be had next weekend!



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