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Theodore Taste Tests Alpha & Ruby’s Pupcake

OMD OMD, guess what….. I’m on YouTube!!!!! wooooo! This is my calling, I can feel it in my tail. Ok, so as you know I have the tough job of sampling loads of products for my owners to make sure they meet our Chelsea Dogs standards before appearing on the website ( for sale. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. I do have a few friends to help me out, my lovely cocker girls Teagan and Ellie are great for helping me sample more feminine things like pink toys.

I came home from holiday in the Lake District to find a pupcake from Alpha & Ruby’s waiting for me to taste test it. Alpha (a fellow Black Labrador) and Ruby (a beautiful Boxer) run a bakery with their humans for us lucky dogs. Not only do they bake a whole range of delicious healthy treats but they also bake pupcakes. That’s a cupcake for us dogs, complete with icing and a bone on top!

Alpha and Ruby's Pupcake

Needless to say, I was a little dubious when this pupcake was put in front of  me, how should I eat it? Well, there was really only one way, as you’ll see in my video above.

Theodore tests cupcake for dogs

The result… a massive paws up, these pupcakes are delicious and I decided that one really isn’t enough so told my humans we should sell them in a party pack of 5 pupcakes! You can read more about the range of Alpha & Ruby’s that we sell in our other post here – Alpha & Ruby’s Natural Dog Treats.

theodore rolling with excitement pupcake


Woof Woof, Theodore x

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