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Cats vs. Dogs: The Battle Lives On

Cats and dogs have always been, and will probably always be frenemies. Some dogs have a hate relationship with them, some a love/hate, and some a purely love deal (that’s just wrong, and it grosses everyone out). I guess it depends where you grow up. I’m an only dog, so cats tick me off. They think that they can sit in my backyard, on my deck and lick themselves while I am stuck in the house waiting for someone to let me out so I can go after them. These pictures mostly depict the relationship that I feel is a reality between cats and dogs, with a few exceptions. [Source]

The jab so quick, it’s over before you realize what’s happened.

The rebuttal.

The long-winded pre-fight dance.

Back to square one. Look at the confusion on that poor pup’s face.

And again..

An excellent left jab, but super rude if you ask me.

Us dogs are patient sometimes.

We try our best to be the bigger canine against the inferior feline.

We try to ignore cats as much as we can, but sometimes we need to just get our teeth a little involved.

And our tails.

We do a little bit of back and forth without doing any damage.

Sometimes cats seem like they’re going to turn over a new leaf and be nice…

The seem helpful even, that is until the inevitable attack.

So we plan our own attacks, but they don’t always go as planned.

So cats continue to tease us and taunt us.

They cunningly make escapes (because they’re cowards).

And then they reappear like monsters.

When they seem nice, we tense up. Is this too good to be true?

Hmm, maybe they’re serious.

We all like snuggling…

And kisses…

And revenge.

Dogs rule, cats drool.


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