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Animals Made Out Of Fruit And Vegetables

Here are some gorgeous images of some very clever animals which have been made out of fruit and vegetables!

First up is a Zebra which has been made using aubergines:

Zebra made out of aubergines(work by Carl Kleiner)

Next we have a proud Lion made using butternut squash, banana peel and bean shoots:

Lion made of vegetables
(work by Carl Kleiner)

Here is a bird made using an artichoke, garlic bulbs, half a tomato and two green beans:

Bird made of vegetables
(work by Carl Kleiner)

A group of happy penguins made of aubergines:

Penguins made of aubergines
(Sourced from Food for Thought, by Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann)

And finally, a stunning owl made of melons, salad, chillies and spring onions:

Owl made of fruit and vegetables

(ok, this one might of had a little help from photoshop but nevertheless it is still beautiful!)

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