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10 Adorable Dog GIFs That Will Make You Melt…Or Crack Up

I stumbled upon these adorable dog GIFs that were among many others, and found myself aw-ing and laughing non stop. These little pups are just so cute it hurts, and a still picture (as cute as they would be) would just not do them any justice. [Source]

1. Well you’re just too cute for words, aren’t you?

2. Gimme a little smooch!

3. Weddings are boring.

4. There, there little kitty.

5. Oooh, what we watching?

6. I’m so…I’m so….oof.

7. I’m stuck and I might be drowning!

8. Taquito doggy.

9. You have something on your face. Here, lemme get it.

10. Thereeee you go little buddy.

I can’t stand it! SO cute.

Alessia xx


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